Student playing the Bass

SFPS' music program is excited to announce the New Mexico All-State Students for the 2021 School Year. These students at Capital High School (CHS), Mandela International Magnet School and Santa Fe High School (SFHS) worked diligently with their teachers to earn a position in the All-State ensembles as they auditioned against students and schools across the state! 

Nicholas Adkins - Trombone- 12 SFHS/Mr. Bellon
Abigail Frey - Flute- 9 SFHS/Mr. Bellon
Everest Gessler - Trumpet- 10 SFHS/Mr. Bellon
Nathaniel Steiger - Clarinet- 12 SFHS/Mr. Bellon
 Luca Buckley- 12 CHS/Mr. McGee
Jacqueline Buenviaje- 10th Mandela/Ms. Kountoupes
Joseph Mottola-Golluber- 10th Mandela/Ms. Kountoupes
Jack Nation- 12 SFHS/Mr. Tafoya
Sadie O’Sullivan- 11 Mandela/Ms. Kountoupes
Rachel Anderson-12 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Olive Beffort-12 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Joshua Davis-11 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Leslie Garcia-10 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Brandy Gutierrez-11 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Keyla Jaime-Horta-12 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Corey Lee-11 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Mia Logue Y Perea-10 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Marisela Nuñez-12 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Eve Padilla Salazar-12 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Ami Piburn-11 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Kaleb Romero-11 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Jalena Rubin-12 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Martin Ryer-11 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Izzy Salimbene-12 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Faith Vollmer-12 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Cat Wallace-12 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Lucy Wittner-11 SFHS/Mr. Heaton
Angel Alexis Lopez- 11 CHS/Dr. Paz
Christopher Herrera Rodriguez- 11 CHS/Dr. Paz