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Are you ready for a change or interested in working with students?  SFPS is recruiting substitute teachers to cover classrooms for teachers who are out for a day or longer.  In addition, SFPS increased substitute teacher pay in November.

SFPS’ substitute teacher pay rates have increased by $20 for non-degreed, degreed and licensed substitutes. Daily rates are now between $110 and $130 for PreK to K-8 schools and $120 and $145 for secondary schools.

Long-term substitutes' daily rates (10 or more consecutive days in the same position) increased $20 for those who are non-degreed and $15 for those who are degreed and are now between $120 and $210.

"Our substitute teachers are vital members of our school communities. We greatly appreciate their support and value the contribution they make to our schools, educators and students," said Superintendent Hilario "Larry" Chavez. "I encourage anyone interested to apply today and encourage a friend to do the same."

Additionally, the NM Public Education Department announced today that the application fee for initial and renewal of substitute and educational assistant licenses is waived through the end of March.  We encourage everyone to renew now.

To apply to be a substitute in SFPS, click

To learn more about substitute qualifications, visit the New Mexico Public Education Department's website by clicking  To view vital resources for substitutes, click