Still Image from "House Sitting"

Ada Sophia Santos, 11th grader at Capital High School, was named a "Genre Award Winner" at the Film Prize Junior New Mexico for her film "House Sitting"!

Santos won "Best Sci-Fi/Horror" in the 2022 New Mexico High School Awards, going up against 43 other films from students all over the state!

Check out her film below!

About Film Prize Junior:

Prize Foundation started Film Prize Junior in Louisiana during the 2016-2017 school year as a high school-focused version of the flagship competition, Louisiana Film Prize. Conceived by Tobias Kallenberg, Film Prize Junior activates students to learn the creative and collaborative craft of narrative storytelling while developing valuable soft skills like teamwork, organization, and communication.

The original competition is based in Shreveport, but is celebrating its inaugural year in New Mexico, welcoming students of middle school and high school age whether at private, parochial, public, or home school. Student Filmmakers will compete for digital media grants for their schools, as well as rewards for students and teachers.